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online earning in Nepal

As a student, it is very hard to have money. You will not get enough time to work for a day to have money. If you are here to know the secret on how to earn money in Nepal without investment then hold on you are in right place. You will get a complete idea and niche on how to start your online journey to make money.

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Can we earn Money online without investment?

If you have a passion to do work to make money then you can definitely make money online without investment. You can make your pocket money easily by working in your leisure time.

You must have a mobile phone or PC or laptop to work online. Every work required experience and experience comes after learning. So, start working from today on what you are capable of. We have a term called " Learning and Earning" which means first developed skill then you can find work easily and can get work easily.

Best ways to Earn Money Online in Nepal For students

Students do not have enough pocket money if you are from middle-class families. If you have to earn money online from home then you must have the gadget to work on it and access to the internet. Here you will get different ways to make money online from home. Let's begin the list :

1. YouTube :

YouTube is a hot and trending way to earn money online. You must have your own content and required a skill to speak or you can simply make the animated video.

You have to complete the criteria to monetize the channel from google Adsense. You must fulfill the minimal criteria of 4000 watch hours and 1000 Subscribers within 365 days.

Here I have Provided you the niche where you can make money from Youtube.

  • Education Niche
  • Vlogging
  • Entertainment
  • Gadget review
  • Cooking
  • Teach channel

As a student, you can work on the following list niche which you can do in your free time. This niche does not require much time but consistency is the key to success. You can also upload your notes to your Youtube channel if you have an education niche site.


2 . Share Market : 

Share Market is not a conventional way to make money online because you may be in loss if you do not have proper idea on fundamental and technical analysis. But you can apply for IPO ( Initial Public Offering ).
You should open a Demat account and  Mero share account to apply IPO online. Here you can check Complete Process to Apply IPO Online.
You can simply Apply for the IPO and if you got the IPO then you can sell the IPO in secondary market. This is the best way how you can invest money to gain profit without any skill.

3. Blogging:

Blogging can be the best to earn money online but it takes a lot of time to find out the best niche and to work in it. You should have proper knowledge of on-page and off-page SEO otherwise it is very difficult to start a journey as a beginner in this competitive world.

If you have patience and want to work for a long passive income then blogging would be the best to earn money online. You can start blogging free from bloggers and can also start by buying a domain and hosting.
You can start niche blogging in the particular region that would be best. If you can target an audience of western countries then the earnings would be much more than what you can earn in the eastern region.


4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a simple commission process where you can get a certain commission after selling the Product. You can simply advertise or review the product through YouTube channels or from blogging or Facebook marketing. If the audience buys the product from your link then you can get a certain percent commission.

For example: If you want to do an affiliate marketing of hosting then your targeted audience must be from the blogging and technical field. Facebook boost is also the best way to target an audience if you have a high ticket( commission ) affiliate marketing.

From affiliate marketing, you can earn as much as your audience buys the product from your link.

5. App Development

As we already discuss time and again for better earning you require better skill and mindset. If you want skills and also want to be a programmer then you can try web and app development.
As I personally started learning flutter in the past which I find user-friendly and easy to learn. You can make an app for both IOS and Android with the same code. After building an app you can monetize your own app through google Adsense. After learning flutter like the API integration and other data handling you can work for the company too. This only not work for a short time or only for the pocket money but also as the carrier to the many students.

6. Data Entry

Data Entry is a simple task job for people who do not have the proper skill set. It has a wide range from content writing video making to the click on the site, comments and like on the other post, etc. If you do the task then you will get paid. You will not get enough money from this task. But it is best for those who want to have some money without any skill.

I personally do not prefer data entry. You will get scams from different people in the name of data entry. You have to be careful before starting the job.

7. Freelancing

Freelancing is a skill-based working payment where you can make your gigs on an online platform like Upwork and fiver. If you have a particular skill set then show your gigs in a profile then set your paid amount.
If you do not have a proper skills then this may not for you. You can work on your skill and then you can try freelancing. In today's world, the fiver and Upwork are being competitive so you must have proper knowledge on your skill.


These are the best 7 Ways to earn money online in Nepal for students. If you do not have any investment to start work then the following above mentioned would be the best way to earn money online.

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