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Talking about the syllabus of IOE it has updated its syllabus, the new updated Syllabus of Engineering Physics is listed below.

IOE Engineering Syllabus :

1.  Oscillation:  (7 hours)

1.1  Mechanical Oscillation: Introduction,
1.2  Free oscillation,
1.3  Damped oscillation,
1.4  forced mechanical oscillation,
1.5  EM Oscillation: Free, damped, and Forced electromagnetic oscillation.

2. Wave motion   (2 hours)  

2.1  Waves and particles,
2.2  Progressive wave,
2.3  Energy, power and intensity of progressive wave.

3.  Acoustics   (3 hours)

3.1  Reverberation,
3.2  Sabine' Law
3.3  ultrasound and its applications.

4.  Physical Optics     (12 hours)

4.1  Interference

4.1.1  Intensity in double slit interference,
4.1.2  Interference in thin films,
4.1.3  Newton's rings,
4.1.4  Hadinger fringes,

4.2  Diffraction

4.2.1  Fresnel and Fraunhoffer’s diffraction,
4.2.2  intensity due to a single slit;
4.2.3  diffraction grating,
4.2.4  x-ray diffraction, x-ray for material test,

4.3  Polarization

4.3.1  double refraction,
4.3.2  Nichol prism, wave plates,
4.3.3  optical activity, specific  rotation.

5.  Geometrical Optics  (3 hours)

5.1  Lenses, combination of lenses,
5.2  cardinal points,
5.3  chromatic aberration,

6.  Laser and Fiber Optics  (4 hours)

6.1  Laser production

6.1.1  He-Ne laser,
6.1.2  Uses of laser,

6.2  Fiber Optics

6.2.1  self focusing,
6.2.2  applications of optical fiber.

7.  Electrostatics  (8 hours)

7.1  Electric charge and force,
7.2  electric field and potential,
7.3  electrostatic potential energy,
7.4  capacitors, a capacitor with dielectric,
7.5  charging and discharging of a capacitor

8.  Electromagnetism    (11 hours)

8.1  Direct current: Electric current

8.1.1  Ohm's law, resistance and resistivity,
8.1.2  semiconductor and superconductor.

8.2  Magnetic fields

8.2.1  Magnetic force and Torque,
8.2.2  Hall effect,
8.2.3  cyclotron, synchrotron,
8.2.4  Biot-savart law,
8.2.5  Ampere’s circuit law; magnetic fields straight conductors,
8.2.6  Faraday’s laws, Induction and energy transformation, induced field,
8.2.7  LR circuit, induced magnetic field,
8.2.8  displacement current.

9.  Electromagnetic waves  (5 hours)

9.1  Maxwell’s equations,
9.2  wave equations, speed,
9.3  E and B fields,
9.4  continuity equation,
9.5  energy transfer.

10.  Photon and matter waves    (5 hours)

10.1  Quantization of energy,
10.2  electrons and matter waves,
10.3  Schrodinger wave equation,
10.4  probability distribution,
10.5  one dimensional potential well,
10.6  uncertainty principle,
10.7  barrier tunneling,

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