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Class 10 Science Guide

SEE Science Manual PDF for SEE preparing student who are newly admitted in class 10. Students are always willing to read manual book for question answer and many more stuff.

If you are searching for the PDF of Science Guide of class 10 then you are in the right place. Here we are providing Science Guide/ manual for the student of class 10 .

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PDF OF Science Manual  

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Science Class 10 Syllabus  

Unit :1 (Force)
Unit :2 (Pressure)
Unit :3 (Energy)
Unit :4 (Heat)
Unit :5 (Current Electricity and magnetism)
Unit :6 (Light)
Unit :7 (Classification of elements)
Unit :8 (Chemical Reaction)
Unit :9 (Acid ,Base, and Salt)
Unit :10 (Some Gases)
Unit :11 (Metals)
Unit :12 (Hydrocarbon and its compounds)
Unit :13 (Materials Used in Daily life)
Unit :14 (Invertebrates)
Unit :15 (Human Nervous and Glandular System)
Unit :16 (Blood Circulation in Human Body)
Unit :17 (Chromosomes and Sex Determination)
Unit :18 (Asexual and Sexual Reproduction)
Unit :19 (Heredity)
Unit :20 (Environment Pollution and Management)
Unit :21 (History of Earth)
Unit :22 (Climate Change and Atmosphere)

Note:  We are Sorry for the Loss of Unit 1 Force and Unit 19 Heredity Guide. We will updated as soon as Possible.
If you have any queries related to Science  Subject then you can comment down below. we will Provide the more note.

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