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Class 12 Nepali Guide Exercise Book - Complete Solution Note

Class 12 Nepali Guide Book, Nepali Exercise Solution complete Notes which includes questions answer sabdha artha and many more chapter wise solution.
Class 12 Nepali Guide Book

If you are here searching for the Class 12 Nepali Exercise solution, then you are in the right place. Here we are providing the complete solution for Class 12 Nepali.

Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) released the class 12 Nepali book in 2078 BS. The new modified curriculum of the Nepali book makes it difficult for many students. They do not find the proper solution. So, here we are providing a class 12 Nepali guide with a complete chapter-wise solution that contains all exercise problems and their solutions.

Here we are providing chapter-wise exercise solutions. If you need any help, then feel free to contact us from the contact section.

Just click on the chapter-wise solution to get the complete notes of class 12 Nepali.

Chapter wise Class 12 Nepali Guide

Chapter 1 : Aama ko sapana Exercise Solution

Chapter 2 : Birahini Damayanti Exercise Solution

Chapter 3 : Ghanaghasya ko ukalo katda Exercise Solution

Chapter 4 : Vyasayik Patra Exercise Solution

Chapter 5 : Ek chihan Exercise Solution 

Chapter 6 : Stephen William Hawking Exercise Solution

Chapter 7 : Hamilai Bolauchhan Himalchuli Exercise Solution

Chapter 8 : Matrito Exercise Solution

Chapter 9 : Gorkhe Exercise Solution 

Chapter 10 : Nepali Pahichan Exercise Solution 

Chapter 11 : Sahakari Exercise Solution 

Chapter 12 : Jiban Marga Exercise Solution 


Download Nepali  Class 12 Nepali Guide App Offline 

Here we are providing the Class 12 Nepali Guide App for Class 12 students. This app helps students to read questions and answers of Nepali in offline mode. The app contains the new Nepali syllabus updated solution. This app is free to use and the offline mode in it made accessible to all users.

How to Download Class 12 Nepali Book?

You can simply download the class 12 Nepali book by just following these steps:
Step 1: Click on the below download button,
Step 2: You'll be taken to the Google Drive link.
Step 3: Click on the "download" button in Google Drive.

How to secure a good mark in Class 12 Nepali?

Ans: From person to person, you will find different ways to score good marks in an exam. I'm going to reveal my secret methods for performing well in Nepali exams. Normally I used to check all the question papers first. Then starts with Nepali byakaran. I used to get limited time in Nepali due to my slow writing speed. If you also find difficulties in time management then you must prepare to solve the problem in a specific time. 

So you can get the proper time for the long question ( Byakha Gara ) too. I used to separate time for the top 5 number questions for a specific time. If the time is delayed then i used to speed my writing speed. 

That's how I used to manage my time to score a good market. It is about time management but you may find it difficult how to solve the problem or to write the questions answer of Nepali. More over the grammar ( byakaran ) part of Nepali. You must focus on it if you want to secure good marks. 

I usually got notices if you have secured good marks in byakaran part then the loss mark from the theory part gets recovered. The questions answer part is all about critical thinking. The module of writing the byakha gara .First describes the writer's name and address along with their literature books and contributions to Nepali literature. 

And then describe with the given sentences what it really means. Describe the sentences with the examples as much as possible and give your own opinion while describing the sentences. 
Hope you may find helpful ways to secure good marks in exams. Best of luck for the exam and the future. Have a great day!

If you have any queries then do not forget to comment down below. we will respond as soon as possible.

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