Class 10 Nepali Guide Book - SEE Chapter wise Solution

Class 10 Nepali Guide Book

class 10 Nepali Solution Book


SEE exam is also known as "Gate of iron ". So, to make the complex gate simple we are Providing Nepali guide book of class 10. Here you will get  Embed format of Revised Chapter wise Solution Note of Nepali.


SEE Nepali ko Guide Book

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 Tips : Scroll the PDF to get Note

Chapter wise Nepali Guide :

Download Nepali Guide of Class 10 : Click Here

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Nepali Syllabus :

 Chapterwise Solution of Class 10 Nepali 2078 Download

 Chapter 1: Janmabhumi :  Download

 Chapter 2: Santusthi : Download

 Chapter 3 : Sanduk Ruit : Download

 Chapter 4 : Thanka : Download

 Chapter 5 : Ma Pani Sakxu: Download

 Chapter 6 : Bayaparik Chithi : Download

 Chapter 7 : Pratyagaman : Download

 Chapter 8 : Barsha : Download

 Chapter 9 : Hamro Sanskriti : Download

 Chapter 10 : Isthaniyakaran bhanda Bishwobyapi Karan Bhes : Download

 Chapter 11: Laxmi Puja : Download

 Chapter 12: Kyalara Jetkin : Download

 Chapter 13 : Jaya Bhudi : Download

 Chapter 14 : Ma Sadak Boldai Xu : Download

 Chapter 15: Tika : Download

 Chapter 16: Mahujung Babu Saheb ko Coat : Download

Does Class 10 Nepali Guide is Good for Student ?

Student Should not focused on the Question answer Nepali Guide book. They Should try themself to solve the Problem. But after all if they do not find the conclusion/ answer then you can read the Nepali Manual Book.

Here you find out Class 10 ko Nepali  Guide Book. We try to Publish New updated Syllabus, Question answer of Nepali Subject. 

How can I secure a Good mark in SEE?

Everyone Student want to secure good mark in SEE Exam. A Student should make Proper plans and time management to Study and do other work.

If you can Give Proper time for the Study then you will definitely secure good mark. You can make routine for the every Subject , follow the routine and achieve goal of your dream.


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