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Class 10 Ghar Jhagada Exercise Solution - Chapter 2 Nepali Guide

Ghar jhagada Class 10 Nepali

Hey, class 10 Students. If you are here searching for the class 10 Nepali chapter 2 Ghar Jhagada Exercise solution then you are in the right place. Here you will get the complete Exercise note. The new syllabus Nepali lesson may be difficult for you to solve the questions and answer. But do not worry we are for you. 

The story describes the family issue and its solution. The writer of this lesson is Badrinath Bhattari. Let's go through the notes of the lesson.

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Chapter 2 - Ghar jhagada Nepali Guide

Class 10 Nepali lesson 2 exercise

Class 10 nepali chapter-2

class 10 nepali chapter 2 exercise

Ghar Jhagada Nepali question answer

Nepali Guide Book 10 2080

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We are trying hard to provide a genuine solution of the new syllabus. Hope you appreciate our work. If you find any mistakes or have any queries then comment below. This website is for educational purposes. 


  1. As compared to our teachers ,उत्तरहरु धेरै साना छन्।
    1. These answer are to the point answer for the reference. You can further write in details on it in exam answer sheet.
  2. As compared to our teachers ,उत्तरहरु धेरै साना छन्।
  3. Project work pls