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Laxmi Puja Class 10 Nepali Solution - Chapter 11 Note [ PDF ]

Laxmi Puja Nepali Guide


Short  note on Laxmi Puja :

Laxmi Puja is one of the great festivals of Hindu in Nepal. People worship Laxmi and decorate the house with light and flowers. The author of the Class 10 Nepali Book has added the Laxmi puja story in the newly updated syllabus. The author of the Laxmi puja story is Govinda bahadur malla. He was born in 1979 B.S and died in 2067 B.S. He has written many stories like Pallo gharko jhyal, Bhus ko ago, etc.

Talking about the story of Laxmi Puja everyone in the society was enjoying themselves but Lala and his mother were not happy because of the financial crisis in the family. The city was busy and everyone was buying goods for the Laxmi Puja.
This is a short summary of the Laxmi Puja story. You will get more idea of the story after reading the complete story.

Laxmi Puja Exercise Solution

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Laxmi Puja Class 10 Nepali Exercise Solution

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लक्ष्मीपूजा Guide

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Lesson 11 Class 10 Nepali Solution

Laxmi Puja Questions Answers

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Complete note of laxmi puja


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