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Class 10 Satru Exercise Guide - Chapter 7 Nepali Solution

Class 10 Nepali Satru

The article contains the class 10 Satru book solution. The new syllabus of class 10 Nepali is introduced in the year 2080 B.S. Many students are facing problems in solving the exercise solution. We have provided the complete Chapter 7 Solution.

Satru is a Nepali word that means enemy. The story is written by B.P. Koirala. Let's begin with the complete Solution Guide:

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CHAPTER 7 : Satru Exercise Solution 

Class 10 Nepali satru

class 10 nepali chapter 7 satru exercise

शत्रुको सम्पूर्ण अभ्यास

Class 10 Nepali Guide

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