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Barsha Nepali Guide

Barsha Kabita Class 10 Summary :

Barsha is a Nepali word that means rain in English. The author of the Barsha poem is Laxmi Prasad Devkota. He is one of the great poetry in Nepal. There are eight paragraphs in this Barsha poem. He introduces the useful and bad effects of rain in society.

He has included the great verse of the Nepali word which has a deep meaning in each phase. This is the summary of the Barsha poem. You will be well known after reading a complete poem from the Class 10 Nepali Book.

PDF OF Barsha Exercise Guide 

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What you will find in this Barsha Solution Book?

 Barsha is the new updated Nepali course. Most of the students are in confusion about the subject matter. So, you can find the following topic on this site:

1. After reading the article you will be able to write Short Question answer,

2. You will find the Barsha kabita class 10 Summary,
3. You will find Long question answer,
4. You will find complete byakaran of Barsha kabita.


Students are requested to take this note as a reference. You can write the answer in your own word. You may wonder why we have not added downloading section. If we have added a download link then it makes students lazy to think critically on the subject matter. In the SEE Examination student are encouraged to give their answer in their own word. So, we have only added in the online mode.

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