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Janmabhumi Nepali Solution - Chapter 1 Note [ PDF ]

Class 10 Nepali Janmabhumi exercise solution book. PDF of janmabhumi katha where you can find the complete solution PDF.

Lesson 1 Janmabhumi Exercise

Short note on Janmabhumi

Janmabhumi is a Nepali word that means a place where you were born. This is the story related to the Mahabharat where Ram has love and affection towards their homeland. 
The narrator of the Janmabhumi Katha is the writer of the Janak publication under the curriculum Development Center of Nepal.
They have added the "Story of Ramayan" (Title: Janmabhumi) in class 10 Nepali new syllabus to show how the people of Ramayan love the motherland.

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Complete Note of Janmabhumi Class 10 Nepali 


Class 10 Nepali Chapter 1

Sabda artha class 10 Chapter 1

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Class 10 Nepali chapter 1 exercise ( जन्मभूमि )

Janmabhumi full Question answer

हाम्रो नेपाली  कक्षा १०  पाठ १  जन्मभूमि कथा

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Byakarad Nepali chapter 1 Class 10

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Class 10 Nepali Chapter 1 Note

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Nepali Guide Book class 10

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What you can find out in this Janmabhumi Note?   

You can find the new updated class 10 syllabus here: Nepali Complete Solution. I hope your queries are fulfilled in the solution. You can find : 
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PDF of Janmabhumi Exercise:

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