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Vyaparik Chithi Class 10 Nepali Solution - Chapter 6 Note [ PDF ]


Byaparik chiti Nepali Guide


 Short Note on Vyaparik Chithi

Byaparik Chithi( vyaparik ) is a letter written to the suppliers for the demand of goods. The author of the Vyaparik chiti is the book writer of Janak Publication. The lesson is included in the class 10 Nepali syllabus to know how to write a Business letter to demand goods. Nowadays people directly order goods but in some cases of government business, people have to write vyaparik chitti.

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Complete solution of Vyaparik chithi


PDF OF Vyaparik Chithi Exercise Guide

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How to write Vyaparik Chithi in Nepali?

You can simply write the Vyaparik chithi in Nepali following simple steps :
Step 1: You should write Your shop name and address in the middle of the letter pad,
Step 2:  You should write Date on the right side of the letter,
Step 3: You should represent the seller with Shriman on the left side of the letter,
Step 4: After that, you have to write the subject that you are demanding in the middle of the letter,
Step 5: Now you can write what you need in your shop describing along with the list,
Step 6: After writing the description, you should write Bhabadiya and your name with your signature.

Sample Vyaparik Patra in Nepali  

Nepali chithi sample

What you will find in this Byaparik chithi Solution ?

Byaparik Chithi is the new updated Nepali course. Most of the students are in confusion about the subject matter. So, you can find the following topic on this site:

1. After reading the article you will be able to write business letter,

2. You will find the complete question answer of Byaparik chithi.
3. You will find Vyaparik chithi Question answer.


Students are requested to take this note as a reference. You can write the answer in your own word. You may wonder why we have not added downloading section. If we have added a download link then it makes students lazy to think critically on the subject matter. In the SEE Examination student are encouraged to give their answer in their own word. So, we have only added in the online mode.

If you have any queries related to the Byaparik chithi, then you can free to comment below. We will try to solve your problem as possible.

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