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What I Require From Life Questions and Answers Class 11 [ NEB ]

What I Require From Life Questions and Answers Class 11

Unit 3 : Essay 

Chapter 3 : What I Require From Life Questions and Answers Class 11 Exercise Solution by J.B.S Haldane

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Understanding the text 

Answer the following questions.

a. How does the writer distinguish between a peaceful age and a heroic age?

=> Haldane distinguishes between a peaceful age and a heroic age before and after 1914. The age before 1914 was a peaceful age when he was born. There was peace but when he turned into 22, the age turned into a heroic age because of the first world war where there were violence, deaths, destruction and damages.

b. Why does the writer want more freedom of speech than most people?

=> The writer wants more freedom of speech that most people because he likes to write and say about poisonous things existed in the society. He wants to bring changes in the society by establishing socialism and overthrowing capitalism and Fascism. 

c. According to the writer, what are the four general human needs?

=> The four general human needs, according to the writer, are work, freedom, health and friendship.

d. What is the difference between desire and demand according to the writer?

=> The feeling and wish to get something according to our willingness and ability is demand and a mere feeling or wish to get something is desire. Demands is limited and realistic where desires are fictional and limitless. The writer's demand is an adventure but desires are having a room of his own with books, a motor car, a daily bath, a garden, a bathing pool, a beach, or a river within easy reach. His demand is limited and realistic but desires are unlimited and imaginative. 

e. Why does the writer demand security?

=> Everything the writer talks about in the essay is about life. All these things are useful if we have our life. It is the first priority. If our life is threatened, or at a risk, we just need security. If security is unlikely to obtain, it is futile to require all things. During the time, Hitler and Mussolini were ruling, there was fear of death so he demands security.

Reference to the context 

Explain the following lines with reference to the context:

a.    “The satisfaction of adventure is something much more solid than a thrill.”

=> The line given above from the essay "What I require from Life" talks about the satisfaction we get from adventurous tasks which are mostly connected to exciting experiences. Thrill is a momentary experience, but the satisfaction we get from adventures is permanent. 

b. "I want the workers to see the fruit of their own work not in profits for others, but in their own and their friends' well-being."

=> The line presents the socialistic principle of the writer, in which workers enjoy their works and get decent wage. In capitalism there is unemployment because there is exploitation of workers. They have to do lots of work in fewer wages. The writer wants the application of democratic system in work places and talks about the decent work with decent salary.

c. Why do you think the essay has taken reference from the ancient philosopher?

=> In the essay, Haldane brings references of real and imaginary people. Among them he talks about the great Greek philosophers "Aristotle" and "Socrates". He brings reference of Aristotle to make us clear about what happiness is and he gives the reference of Socrates to tell us how he died easily for the betterment of the societies.

d. Discuss the essay in terms of its language, purpose, subject, point of view and mode of writing. 

=> Haldane has used very simple and lucid language in this essay "What I Require from Life". He has made us clear about his complex idea in a very simple way that any reader can easily understand his essay. His sentences are short, declarative written in a descriptive way. The main purpose of this essay is to make us clear about his socialistic convictions. He wants to improve the condition of working people. He talks about the miserable conditions of working people in Capitalism and loss of peace and security because of Fascists such as Hitler and Mussolini. He is optimistic for establishing socialism in which people utilize their freedom. They will have access to the property of Nation equally.

Reference beyond the text 


a. What do you require from your life to be happy and satisfied?

=> Happiness and satisfaction in our life differ person to person according to their age group, economic condition, family background, philosophy of life and so on. Some people need family's love, property, power, peace, etc. I also have my own criteria to become happy. The main thing of my happiness is my nature. I am always happy with the things possible to me. I don't require and demand luxury and sophisticated life. I am happy, when I find my family members are happy. I am satisfied with the job I do, the amount of money I earn, with my colleagues, my profession, my position in the society etc. I don't need a luxurious car, delicate building, and bank balance.

b. What is socialism? How is it different from capitalism?

=> Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. People have an equal right to various benefits, there is end of inequalities and discrimination, a democratic conditions in work places and workers enjoy their works and get decent wages. Main industries and businesses are owned by the government. Capitalism is also an economic system that grants on private ownership of the mean of production and for profit-making to a certain number of people. There is an exploitation of workers and only the owners earn profit.

c. Write an essay about your dream house.

=> ( Think and Write ) Imagine a house you are dreaming that may be your gaming setup house with beautiful decoration of the room or may be the house in the garden with flowers and trees.

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