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Class 12 Acoustic Phenomena Notes - NEB Physics Solution


Acoustic Phenomena guide

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Let`s get on the wave motion topic discussing the definition of Acoustic Phenomena.

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Complete Acoustic Phenomena Note PDF 

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1. What is Pressure Amplitude?

Ans: The maximum amount through which the pressure in a medium as the sound wave travels through it is called pressure amplitude.

2. Define the Quality of Sound.

Ans: Quality of sound is defined as the measure of the complexity of sound. It depends upon the number and intensities of the harmonics present in the sound.

3. Define Pitch.

Ans: Pitch is a sensation that depends upon the frequency. Pitch is directly proportional to the frequency of sound.

4. What are the factors affecting pitch?

Ans: The factors affecting pitch are:
a) Frequency of the sounding body,
b)Relative motion between the surrounding body and listeners.

5. Define the Intensity of Loudness of sound.

Ans: Intensity is the amount of sound energy crossing the point per unit area per second normal to the direction of the sound.

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