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Chapter 1 Megh Bijuli Bibaha Exercise Solution - Class 9 Nepali Note

Megh Bijuli Bibaha Solution

Megh Bijuli Bibaha is a Nepali poem written by Bharatraj Panta. Bharat Raj Panta is one of the grimmest works of Nepali poetry in the modern era. He is the foremost genius who wields a pen in the sophisticated stream. He writes poetry about nature, nationalism, humanity, intellectualism, warmth, cultural consciousness, sarcasm, and many other topics. He made significant contributions to Nepali literature. The poem "Megh Bijuli Bibaha" is written in Shrikandi Chanda, is one of the great poems.

If you are here searching for class 9 Nepali Megh bijuli bibaha exercise solution, then you are in the right place. Here you will get the complete solution. 

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Megh Bijuli Bibaha Exercise Solution

megh bijuli bibaha notes

megh bijuli bibaha summary

megh bijuli bibaha (मेघ बिजुली विवाह) Note

Class 9 Nepali Guide Chapter 1

About Author Bharatraj Panta:

Author Name: Bharatraj panta
Date of Birth: 1996 Ashar 30
Place of Birth: Fasikeb, Naya Sadak, Kathmandu
Father: Mani Dutt
Mother: Lalithakumari
Education: Sampurnamadhyam, Banaras (2009), Acharya (Sanskrit, 2019), Masters (Nepali) Trivi (2034)
Children: 2 sons, 2 daughters.

Summary of Megh Bijuli Bibaha 

Talking about the megh bijuli bibaha the poem is written by Bharat raj Panta.  The poem describes marriage with Hindu rituals and culture. The marriage ceremony in the Ashar month, the ceremony is welcome with lightning and thunder. The mountain is in the form of a pandit which is covered with green grass. 

The poem beautifully compares nature with marriage. Bharat raj Panta beautifully describes nature. Hope you get the wholesome summary of the Megh bijuli bibaha poem.

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