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Class 9 Kanchanjangha lai niyalda Exercise Solution - Chapter 9 Nepali Guide

Kanchanjanga lai niyalda exercise note

Kanchanjanga lai Niyalda is a story of journey of kanchanjanga himal. The writer of the Kanchanjanga lai Niyalda is Rajendraman Dangol. The topic is all about the kanchanjanga himal from the point of view of writers.

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Kanchanjanga lai Niyalda Chapter 9 Exercise Solution

class 9 nepali chapter9 exercise

Class 9 Nepali guide chapter 9

कन्चनजङ्घालाइ नियाल्दा नियात्रा कक्षा ९ नेपाली

kanchanjanga lai niyalda class 9 Nepali guide

Kanchanjangha lai niyalda Nepali guide

Class 9 Nepali

Questions answers kanchanjanga


Biography of Rajendraman Dangol

Rajendra Dangol is a Nepali writer known for his contributions to Nepali literature. He was born on 2026 B.S Bhadra 15 in Nuwakot. Dangol is known for his experimental writing style and his unique perspective on social and political issues. In addition to his writing, Dangol is also an advocate for the promotion of Nepali literature and the rights of writers in Nepal.

Summary of Kanchanjanga lai Niyalda

The story is all about traveling from Kathmandu to Kanchanjanga. At the start of the journey, the writer describes the surrounding of Kathmandu to Bhadrapur but later he describes or focuses on the journey of Kanchanjanga from Taplejung.

The main aim of the writing of the journey is to flourish tourism as well as to describe the destination and the journey. If tourism starts to flourish then the economy of the country will directly impact and the local people can get the maximum benefit from it.

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