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Aama ko Tasbir (आमाको तस्बिर) Nepali Guide - Class 9 Chapter 15 Exercise Solution

Aamako Tasbir class 9 Nepali guide

"Aama ko Tasbir" topic is from class 9 chapter 15 Nepali Book. The poem "Aamako tasabir" is about the mother. If you are searching class 9 Nepali notes then hold on you are in right place. Here you will get the complete Book solution.

Class 9 Aama ko Tasbir Guide - Chapter 15 Exercise Solution

class 9 nepali aama ko tasbir exercise

Aamako Tasbir Kabita

Class 9 Chapter 15 note

आमाको तस्बिरको सम्पुर्ण अभ्यास

Amako tasbir question answer

Aamako Sapana Short Summary

Aamako Tasbir is written by a yugkabi Bhupin Khadka. He was born in 2030 B.S Chaitra 30.  He has expressed his feeling towards his mother. The poem begins when the writer saw the photo of the mother on the Facebook wall.

The writer is frustrated because he has not anything for his mother. The writer is in a foreign country. And he starts to remember his childhood by seeing his mother's photo on the Facebook wall.

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