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Bhavishya Nirman Nepali Guide - Class 9 Chapter 16 Exercise Solution


Bhabisya nirmad class 9 Nepali guide

Bhabisya Nirman is a class 9 chapter 16 Nepali lesson written by devi kumari Thapa. The story is about the psychology of a child whose mother wants him to be a civilized person.

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Class 9 Bhavishya Nirman Guide - Chapter 16 Exercise Solution

Bhabisya nirman guide

भविष्य निर्माणको सम्पुर्ण अभ्यास

class 9 nepali chapter 16 exercise answer questions

Class 9 Nepali guide

Bhavisya Nirman Nepali guide

Bhavisya Nirman Nepali Solution

Biography of Dev Kumari Thapa 

Dev Kumari Thapa is a Nepali writer who was born in 1985 A.D To 1968. She has written different child psychological stories. She has written pudyatma atma, ramko katha, katha ko batuli etc. She is a famous Nepali writer. Bhabisya Nirman is one of the popular story of Dev Kumari Thapa.

Thapa grew up in a family that valued education and intellectual pursuits, and she received her early education at the local school. After completing her high school education, she went to India to study at Banaras Hindu University. There, she obtained a degree in Hindi literature and started her career as a journalist, writing for several Hindi newspapers and magazines.

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