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IOE 1st year mathematics note and PDF download. Are you searching for the PDF of Engineering mathematics 1 solution Tu. then hold on you are in the right Place. Here you will get embed link of a basic 1st-year mathematics solution book.

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1. Derivatives and their Applications

1.1   Introduction
1.2   Higher order derivatives
1.3   Mean value theorem
1.3.1 Rolle’s theorem
1.3.2  Lagrange’s mean value theorem
1.3.3  Cauchy’s mean value theorem
1.4   Power series of single valued function
1.4.1   Taylor’s series
1.4.2  Maclaurin’s series
1.5   Indeterminate forms: L Hospital rule
1.6   Asymptotes to Cartesian and polar curves
1.7   Pedal equations to Cartesian and polar curves; curvature and radius of curvature

 2.  Integration and its application

2.1   Introduction
2.2   Definite integrals and their properties
2.3   Improper integrals
2.4   Differentiation under integral signs
2.5   Reduction formula: Beta Gama functions
2.6   Application of integrals for finding areas arc length, surface, and solid of revolution in the plane for Cartesian and polar curves

 3. Plane Analytic Geometry

3.1   Transformation of coordinates: Translation and rotation
3.2   Ellipse and hyperbola: Standard forms, tangent, and normal
3.3   General equation of conics in Cartesian and polar forms

4. Ordinary Differential equations and their applications

4.1 First-order and first degree differential equations
4.2   Homogenous differential equations
4.3   Linear differential equations
4.4   Equation reducible to linear differential equations: Bernoulli’s equation
4.5   First order and higher degree differential equation: Clairaut’s equation
4.6 Second-order and first degree linear differential equations with constant coefficients
4.7   Second order and first degree linear differential equations with variable coefficients: Cauchy’s equation
4.8   Applications in Engineering field

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