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Class 10 Sanduk Ruit Solution - Chapter 3 Nepali Note [ PDF ]

Class 10 Nepali Sanduk ruit solution Book. Here you will get chapter 3 sanduk ruit summary, and the complete exercise of New updated Nepali book PDF.

Class 10 Nepali sanduk ruit Guide


Short Note sanduk ruit:

Sanduk Ruit is a great eye surgeon from Nepal. He has restored more than 2 lakh people's eyesight.  He has done more eye surgery than any other surgeon. Likewise, he is the co-founder of the Tilganga Institute of ophthalmology.

The writer of the Janak publication has included the biography of sanduk Ruit because he has done a great contribution by providing sight to the People who have lost their sight. So, he is known as the “ God of sight” all over the world. He has received many prestigious awards in the field of international health.

He is from the middle-class family of Taplejung district where he has done a lot of struggles to study and to run their livelihood. Furthermore, he has given low-cost high-quality treatment to the people of the ruler area. He can treat the cataract patient within 10 minutes.

This is the summary of the biography of sanduk ruit which you can get more ideas on Class 10 Nepali chapter 3 Sanduk Ruit biography. 

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