Thanka Class 10 Nepali Solution - Chapter 4 Note [ PDF ]

Class 10 Nepali Thanka Guide

Short Note on Thanka :

Thanka is a Buddhist art painting in flat homemade cotton silk. It is popular among visitors who used to illustrate the history of Gautam buddha. The author of the Tanka nibanda is the editor of Janak Publication who has added the history of Thanka in the curriculum of Class 10 Nepali Book.

Talking about the tanka design and history, it became popular among the Buddhist people which represent the history of Gautam buddha in the cotton or in the paper.

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PDF OF Thanka Exercise Guide 

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What you will find in this Thanka Solution ?

Thanka is the new updated Nepali course. Most of the students are in confusion about the subject matter. So, you can find the following topic on this site:

1. We have cover the solution of the Nepali Book syllabus,

2.  Nepali Class 10 Chapter 4 Thanka Guide.

3. Question Answer of Thanka Nibanda Nepali Book


How to draw Thanka Painting?

The steps to draw the Thanka painting are as follows :

Step 1: Preparation of cotton/cloth/paper surface.

Step 2: Outline drawing of painting / Sketching

Step 3: Coloring

Step 4: Shape Lining

Step 5: Shading

Step 6: Ornamentation

Step 7: Finishing


Students are requested to take this note as a reference. You can write the answer in your own word. You may wonder why we have not added downloading section. If we have added a download link then it makes students lazy to think critically on the subject matter. In the SEE Examination student are encouraged to give their answer in their own word. So, we have only added in the online mode.

If you have any queries related to the Thanka Nibanda then you can free to comment below. We will try to solve your problem as possible.


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