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Ma Pani Sakchu Class 10 Nepali Solution - Chapter 5 Note [ PDF ]

Ma Pani Sakxu Nepali Guide

Short Note on Ma pani sakchu :

Ma Pani sakchu is a Nepali Manobad which is written by the author of Janak publication. The term Manobad is a Nepali term that is similar to the soliloquy in English. The Manobad is the taking to oneself without any listener. Sometimes you may also talk to ownself and goes on talking without any listener.

The Plot of the Ma pani sakxu manobad starts at the night of 11 pm on the sleeping bed. Kumar Pathak is the main character in the plot. He has lost his leg due to polio in his childhood. He has the running competition in school but he was disabled so did not compete in the competition. He goes on thinking and in the end, he motivates himself to tackle every situation in life whatever his condition by saying “ If others can do then why not I ?”.

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म पनि सक्छु  class 10 Nepali


PDF OF Ma Pani Sakxu Exercise Guide 

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 Steps of Manobad lekhan in Nepali:

You can follow the simple below given step of Manobad lekhan in Nepali:
Step 1: You should start with the Place, Time, and character respectively,
Step 2: Then you can start writing a paragraph about what the character is thinking,
Step 3: To make the paragraph better, you can use Bismayadibodhak Like Aha, oho, kathai, etc,
Step 4: You can end with the conclusion giving a positive message to the reader.


What you will find in this Ma pani sakchu Solution ?

Ma pani sakxu is the new updated Nepali course. Most of the students are in confusion about the subject matter. So, you can find the following topic on this site:

1. After reading the article you will be well known with the manobad,

2. You will find the complete question answer of Ma pani sakchu Exercise.
Students are requested to take this note as a reference. You can write the answer in your own word. You may wonder why we have not added downloading section. If we have added a download link then it makes students lazy to think critically on the subject matter. In the SEE Examination student are encouraged to give their answer in their own word. So, we have only added in the online mode.

If you have any queries related to the Ma pani sakxu manobad, then you can free to comment below. We will try to solve your problem as possible.


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