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Two Little Soldiers Summary - Class 11 English Note


Class 11 two little soldiers summary


Class 11 Two Little soldiers summary 

The short story “Two little soldiers” has been written by a french writer Guy de Maupassant. This story has presented the theme of friendship, romantic love, discontent, betrayal, and jealousy. This short story is about a triangular love where the deception of a friend has created an unfortunate incident for the next friend. The main characters luc le Ganidec and jean kerderen were quite good friends. Both of them used to pass their weekend in a little wood of bezons quite away from their barracks. They enjoyed a lot in that environment because this particular area reminded them of their homeland. They used to stop at bezon`s bridge and enjoy the scene of scurrying white sails that reminded them of fishing snacks or home. In the wood, they enjoyed roasted sausage, bread, and wine. For them, the trip or bezons was just a kind of ritual.

One day, they met a milk maid who was taking her cow to the paster to milk. Next, Sunday she talked with them. Due to their meetings, they became friends with each other. They shared sweet items, milk, breakfast items, etc.

As weeks passed by Luc le Ganidec started leaving barracks for several hours without informing jean about it. He used to ask for money from Jean kerderen but never revealed his leave. Next Sunday, jean found intimacy between Luc le Ganidec and milkmaid. He felt heartbroken. He became quite discontent because the girl didn`t pay attention to him. He realized the betrayal of his friend. Being so sad, he committed suicide by letting his body fall into the river.
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