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Class 11 Corona Says Exercise Solutions - Question Answer [ NEB ]

Corona says question answers

Unit 2 :

Chapter 1 : Corona Says Question Answers Exercise Solutions

Understanding the text 

Answer the following questions.

a. Who is the speaker in the poem?
=> The speaker in the poem is “corona”.

b. Who claim that they are superior to all?
=> Human beings claim that they are superior to all.

c. Why has the speaker come to the Earth?
=> The speaker has some to the Earth to take revenge of What human beings have done to nature and to make human realize that they aren`t supreme.

d. What positive changes have occurred on Earth after the speaker's visit?
=> After the speaker`s visit, many positive changes have occurred on Earth. The speaker`s visit has helped to build genuine relationships. The entire lifestyle has changed to practice better hygiene. The Earth got enough time to heal itself. The pollution reduced.

Reference to the context 

a. What does the speaker mean when he says:
But have you ever counted
How many have died so far
Because of you and your wars?

=> The above lines are taken from the poem “Corona says” written by Vishnu S. Rai. From the above-given lines, it is clear that he hasn`t accepted the fact that several thousands of people lost their lives due to him(Corona). He reminded that it is not the first time that such a big number of people lost their lives in a single event. Millions of people have lost their lives in different wars before. This again proves that the speaker`s visit is the result of human behavior in the past.

b. Explain the following:
I will depart one day.
But remember
There’re many others like me.
They’ll come too.
If you don’t get rid of your inflated ego,
You’ll be back to your cave time
That you endured
Long, l o n g, l o n g ago …

=> From the given stanza, the speaker is giving warning to all human beings. It is sure that corona will go back one day. But it will not be the last suffering to human beings. If human beings do not change their behaviour and attitude, many more such sufferings will definitely come and it can even collapse our entire civilization. Consequently, human beings will be back to the era where people have to live in caves and hunt for food.

c. What does the speaker mean in the following lines? Explain.
The earth is not your property alone -
It’s as much ours as yours.

=> From the above-given lines, the speaker has given important information to human beings. Humans think that the earth is their private property. They can treat the earth according to their will and desire. But it is a huge misbelieve. The earth is not created only for human beings by god. Every living organism has equal rights towards the earth as human beings.

Reference beyond the text 

a. What human behaviours are responsible for the suffering in people's lives?
=> God has created a beautiful world for different living things. Every living organism has equal rights towards the earth. But, human beings claim themselves superior. They think of the earth as their private property. So, people are suffered by the nature because of their own behaviours. Such behaviours are:
-Improper way of living
-Polluting environment
-Felling of revenge.

b. How does an epidemic differ from pandemic? Briefly explain the impact of
Corona Virus on human life and environment.

=> An epidemic is a disease that affects a large number of people with a community, population, or region. Whereas, a pandemic is a disease that spreads over multiple countries or continents.

Coronavirus has affected day to day life of people and has slowed the global economy. It has affected millions of people all around the world. Coronavirus has rapidly affected our day-to-day life, business, etc. Many countries have slowed down industries. People are forced to stay at home. It has made a great impact on human life in terms of the economy as well. People with other diseases and health problems are getting neglected.

After the outbreak of coronavirus, many countries were in lockdown which resulted in a reduction of air pollution, water pollution, and carbon emissions.


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