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Paryaparyatanka Sambhawana Ra Ayam Nepali Exercise - Class 11 Questions Answers


Paryaparyatanka Sambhawana Ra Aayam Exercise Class 11

Chapter 7 : Paryaparyatanka Sambhawana Ra Ayam Class 11 Exercise Question Answer Solution

About the Paryaparyatanka Sambhawana Ra Ayam:

 Paryaparyatanka Sambhawana Ra Ayam is a New Nepali class 11 bastupurak Nibanda written by Tritha bahadur Shrestha. If you are searching for the class 11 Nepali note then you are in the right place. Here you will get the complete Solution of Chapter 7 Class 11 Nepali.

Complete Class 11 Nepali Paryaparyatanka Sambhawana Ra Ayam Exercise Solution :

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Author Introduction:

Dr. Tirtha Bahadur Shrestha

Dr. Teerth Bahadur Shrestha (V. No. 1994) is a well-known author of Nepali language science. His English and Nepalese science related many book has been published. Among his published works, 'Nepal: Nakhuleka Patahru,' ban banaspati ra pradi ', 'Bhoo swaroop and Havapani' are prominent.

Nepal's natural beauty, wealth, biological diversity and other subjects with scientific approach.

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