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Class 12 Wave in Pipes and Strings Notes - NEB Physics Solution


Wave in pipes and strings solution

Hey energetic students. Welcome to the IOE Notes. If you are here searching for the Wave in pipes and strings complete note then hold on you are in the right place. Here you will find the Wave in pipes and strings notes in PDF. 

You will get the complete solution of the NEB new curriculum and syllabus. 

Let`s get on the wave motion topic discussing the definition of the Wave in pipes and strings.

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Complete Wave in pipes and strings Note PDF 

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1. What is Open organ pipe?

Ans: The pipe in which both of its ends are open is called open organ pipe. Example: Flutes.

2. What is a closed organ pipe?

Ans: The organ pipe in which one end is opened and another is closed is called an organ pipe. Example: Bottle, whistle, etc.

3. What is free vibration?

Ans: When a body that is capable of vibrating is slightly disturbed from its equilibrium position and left the body oscillates under the action of restoring forces. If there are no resistive forces, the body keeps on vibrating with a natural frequency. Such vibration is called free vibration.

4. Define damped vibration.

Ans: The harmonic motion whose amplitude becomes progressively smaller is called damped vibration.

5. What is forced vibration?

Ans: If the vibration of a damped vibration is made into free vibration by an external periodic force is called forced vibration.

6. What is Resonance?

Ans: The phenomenon of making a body vibrate with its natural frequency equal to that of another body vibrating with the same frequency is called resonance.

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