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Class 12 Wave Motion Note - NEB Physics Solution

Class 12 wave motion physics complete new syllabus notes. The notes conclude the derivation, NEB past questions answers, numerical problem solutions.
Class 12 wave motion notes

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Let`s get on the wave motion topic discussing the wave motion definition.

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Complete Wave motion Note PDF 

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1. Define wave motion?

Ans: A wave motion is a continuous transfer of distance from one part of a medium to another through successive vibrations of the particles of the medium about their mean positions.

2. What is a mechanical wave? 

Ans: The waves which require a material medium for their propagation are called mechanical waves.

3. What is a Transverse wave?

Ans: The wave in which the particles of the medium vibrate about their mean position perpendicularly to the direction of propagation of the wave is called the transverse wave.

4. What is a longitudinal wave?

Ans: The wave in which the particles of the medium vibrate along the direction of propagation of the wave is called a longitudinal wave.

5. What is a progressive wave?

Ans: A progressive wave is one in which the disturbance is continuously transmitted along the direction of propagation of a wave. 

6. What is wavelength?

Ans: The distance between the two nearest particles of the medium vibrating in the same phase is called wavelengthIt is denoted by λ. 

7. What is the frequency?

Ans: Frequency is the no of waves or crests passing through a given point per second. This is equal to the no of oscillations completed by the particles of the medium in one second.

8. What is the period?

Ans: Period is the time required for one complete wave to pass a given point. Since F waves are produced in one second, then F=1/T.

9. What is Amplitude?

Ans: The maximum displacement of particles of medium from equilibrium positions when a wave passes through it is called the amplitude `a` of the wave.

10. Define wave velocity?

Ans: The velocity of a wave is the distance traveled by a crest in one second. A wave travels a distance of one wavelength λ in a time equal to one period T. Then, wave velocity, V=λ/T = Fλ.

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