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Class 9 Sarangima Desh Exercise Solution - Chapter 8 Nepali Guide


Sarangima Desh Class 9 Nepali guide

Class 9 Nepali Sarangima Desh is a  Nepali Poem written by Dhirendra Premarshi. The chapter is included in class 9 Nepali chapter 8. The poem is about the country Nepal which is represented by the Nepali musical instrument called the sarangi.

If you are here searching for the class 9 sarangi ma desh exercise then hold on you are in the right place. you will get the complete solution below.

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Class 9 Sarangima Desh Exercise Solution

class 9 nepali lesson 8 sarangaumaa desh exercise

Class 9 Sarangima Desh Exercise Solution

सारङ्गीमा देशको सम्पुर्ण अभ्यास

Class 9 Nepali Guide

Class 9 Sarangima desh Nepali Guide

lesson 8 Nepali class nine questions answers

Questions answers class 9 Nepali

Biography of Dhirendra Premarshi

Talking about the Dhirendra premarshi who is the writer of sarangi ma desh was born on 03 September 1967. His original name is Dhirendra Jha. His parents' names are Krishna all Jha and Aanandi all Jha. He was born in Siraha, Nepal. He completed his bachelor's in Maithili.

He has written different poems and songs. Among them, sarangima desh is a well-known poem of his creation as it includes in a Nepali book.

Summary of Sarangima Desh

The poem describes Nepal with the help of sarangi. The sarangi describes the story of pain and sorrow, happiness with the help of it. The sarangi able to describes the story of Mechi to Mahakali and Himalayan to terai. Nepali people wear Nepali Dhaka topic and daura surwal being proud wearing them.

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