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kaljit ra ajanga ko rakshas ko katha Exercise Solution - Class 9 Nepali Guide Chapter 7


Class 9 kaljit ra ajanga ko rakshas ko katha Nepali Guide

kaljit ra ajanga ko rakshas is a Class 9 Nepali Book chapter 7 Story written by Motilal parajuli. If you are here searching for the exercise solution then hold on you are in right place. Here you will get the complete solution below.

kaljit ra ajanga ko rakshas Exercise Solution

Class 9 Nepali book chapter 7 exercise

kaljit ra ajanga ko rakshas in Nepali

class 9 nepali guide book 2079

कालजित र अजङ्गको राक्षसको कथा

About Motilal Parajuli

Motilal Parajuli is a well-known Nepali writer, who has made significant contributions to the literary world of Nepal. He was born in a small village in the eastern part of Nepal and grew up in a traditional Nepali family.

As a young man, Motilal Parajuli was deeply interested in literature, and spent most of his time reading and writing. He started writing at an early age, and his first book was published when he was just 19 years old. Since then, he has written numerous books, including novels, short stories, and essays, which have been widely read and appreciated by readers in Nepal and abroad.

Motilal Parajuli is known for his unique writing style, which is characterized by its simplicity and honesty. He writes about the everyday lives of ordinary people, and his works often reflect the struggles and challenges faced by the people of Nepal. His stories are full of warmth and compassion, and he is able to capture the emotions and experiences of his characters in a way that is deeply moving and resonates with readers.

Motilal Parajuli has received many awards and accolades for his writing, including the prestigious Madan Puraskar, which is the highest literary award in Nepal. He is also a member of the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts and is active in promoting Nepali literature and culture.

Motilal Parajuli is a beloved figure in the Nepali literary world, and his works continue to inspire and touch the hearts of readers everywhere.

Summary of kaljit ra ajanga ko rakshas

Once upon a time, the women of a village went to the jungle.At that time, the big, giant devil came to the village to eat the villagers. All the villagers are afraid of the giant devil. So, they decide to provide old people with enough food to eat once a day.  A day came when the woman was pregnant, so she decided to go to the other village to save her child. 

At that time, she left the food outside the house. So, the giant devil starts to live in the woman's house. The woman gave birth to a child named Kaljit. Kaljit began to grow, and one day he decided to go to the old house of his mother. But he was unaware of the devil. As a result, he begins to live with him.

Kaljit once asked the devil to ask God his age.So, devil, do as he said, and go to the god and inquire about his age.The god replied that he would die in his old age.Kaljit then asked the devil to change his death, but the devil said that God cannot change death. So, with this statement, Kaljit finally killed the devil. And he became supreme in the village.

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