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Class 9 Paryavaran Santulan Exercise Solution - Chapter 6 Nepali Guide


Paryabarad santulan Exercise Solution

Paryavaran Santulan is a Nepali term that means environment balance. This topic is included in the class 9 Nepali book to provide better knowledge of the environment for the students.

If you are searching for the class 9 Nepali chapter 6 exercise solution then hold on you are in the right place. Here you will get the complete Notes below. 

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Class 9 Paryavaran Santulan Exercise Solution

Class 9 chapter 6 Nepali guide

Paryawaran Nepali Exercise

पर्यावरण सन्तुलन Nepali note

Summary of Paryavaran Santulan

Living creatures and the environment are interrelated to each other. The balance between living creatures and the environment is necessary for better sustainability. Every creature in the surrounding depends upon each other.

Ecosystems are complex systems in which all of the living and nonliving components are interconnected and dependent on each other. For example, in a forest ecosystem, the trees provide habitat and food for a variety of animals, while the animals help to disperse the seeds of the trees and maintain the diversity of plant life. In turn, the trees and other plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, helping to regulate the Earth's climate.

The physical environment also plays a vital role in an ecosystem. In a coral reef ecosystem, for example, the coral provides structure and habitat for a diverse array of marine life, while the sunlight and water that flow through the system provide the energy that drives the ecosystem's processes.

When one element of an ecosystem is impacted or changes, it can have ripple effects throughout the system. For example, if a particular species of tree is removed from a forest ecosystem, the animals that depend on that tree for food and habitat may also be impacted, leading to changes in the balance of the ecosystem.

Overall, the interdependence of the living and nonliving components of an ecosystem is essential for its health and stability.

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