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IOE 1st Year Engineering Question Bank - Past Question Collection

IOE Past Question Collection

Engineering Question Collection

Here we are Providing the past question collection of 1st Year engineering IOE. Lets have a Closer Look on IOE question bank pdf.


Question Collection of 1st Year :

Applied Mechanics Question Bank : Click here


Basic Electrical Engineering Question Bank : Click here 


Engineering Physic Question Collection : Click here


Basic Mathematics 1st semester question Bank : Click here


C Programming Question Bank : Click here


Engineering Drawing 1st semester Question Bank : Click here


Basic Electronics Question Bank : Click here 


Engineering Drawing 2nd semester Question Bank : Click here 


Engineering Chemistry Question Collection: Click here 


Basic Mathematics 2nd semester Question Bank: Click here 


Thermodynamics Question Collection: Click here 



Also Check :

Basic Mathematics 1st semster Note  

Engineering Chemistry Note


These are the Question Collection of 1st and 2nd semester for the Civil engineering, Agriculture engineering, Electrical engineering, Computer engineering and So on.

If you have any queries related to Past question Collection of IOE syllabus then you can comment down below. we will Provide the more note and Pdf.

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  1. Dai yo new course ko electronics engineering ko digital logics ko topic ko qusetion collections xaina ta yaha.chaiyako thiyo