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A Red, Red Rose Summary - Class 11 English Note [ NEB ]


A red, red rose summary


Summary of A Red, Red Rose Summary

“A Red, Red Rose “ is a lyrical ballad written in abcb rhyming pattern. It was composed by one of the famous pioneers of the romantic movement in the 18th century. In this poem, he expresses the immortality of love that is longer than human life. The speaker compares his beloved to ruse and music using similes and imageries. Through literary devices, the speaker immortalizes his love in a profound way.

The speaker describes his love as a beautiful being. His love is as fresh as a flower that has just recently bloomed. This love is as sweet as a beautiful song played by a skilled musician. The beloved is so beautiful that the speaker loves her with a deep and strong passion. So strong that the speaker`s love will last until the oceans have become dry.

Even after the seas have evaporated and the earth has decayed, the speaker will still love the beloved. This love will endure until their own lives have ended and even until all human life ended.

The speaker concludes by saying goodbye to the beloved, who is the speaker reminds her of the only person the speaker loves. The speaker wishes her well during their temporary separation. The speaker confirms the faithful love by promising to return even if the journey covers a very long distance and takes a very long time.


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